Wednesday, August 30, 2017

How Maui slowed the sun

Long Time ago Te ra the sun began to Move quickly across the sky.The sun was Moving fast so the sun went down and the Moon came up.Maui and his Mates got some ropes.when the sun was coming up Maui and his friends was holding the ropes until the sun came up.when the sun came up Maui and his Mates jumped out of the bushes

And throwed the ropes on the sun.when the 5 mens was pulling  the sun maui was hitting the sun with his hook.when Maui was finished hitting the sun,The sun was going slower.

Thursday, August 24, 2017


One day me and my family went on a picnic.we were playing outside with the kite and we were playing tag too.after we played we were eating.we saw a baby bird in the water,there was a beach next

going Mcdonald's

In the holiday. me and my family went to mum said we could choose our own meal, i ordered a mcattack with Coca Cola and fries. When we finished, eating we went back home and watched movies until 10 o'clock then we had dinner after dinner we went to sleep. On the next day we got ready, for church, church was at manicow we went pass the motoway  and we were nearly at church.when we all went to church  we were late.we went church so we could learn more and think was on a raining day,after church we all came home it was 9 o' was fun at church because we had bbQ and we had chips,after we ate. at home it was peace in qiat. my dad encourage people to come church and learn about more things,but one of. We came home. When it was the next day me and my family went to a car wash and it was for 5$dollars.

My name is Michael I'm  in room 6 my class has a netbook this webcam-toy-photo2.jpg

A bucket

As i opened the door i saw a bucket of full of paint.i was painting the whole room and i was painting myself.i messed up my room and i got in trouble from my dad.i was doing artwork but my dad said it not artwork so he cleaned the house when he went to work i messed the house again.when my dad was coming back from work i ask my sisters if they could help me clean my room but they said no i was begging them to come and help me clean up my room and they helped me when my dad came home we finished cleaning up my room.when my dad opened the door the house was cleaned and he let me play outside with my sisters.i asked my dad if i could paint the house and he said yes it was fun and i painted the whole house

your favorite hip hop

In class  we were doing work until 12.15. we went downstairs so we could go hip hop to have kiwi sports.the 4 stuff in hip hop was breakdancing,graffiti,dj and rap.after jasmine was talking  

A hot sunny tuseday

When we came back from kIwI can Mrs Sharma said to get our Net books and sIt down In a CIrcle on the floor.we Sat on the Mat nicely.when MRS Sharma came inside the Class we All were Reading New Boots after we read New Boot we got a paper and hilite describing words.

going to the Beach

when I went To MIssIon bay Beach.When Me and My FamIly went to MIssIon bay We saw our cousIns havIng A SwIm.When we went for a swim I saw A shIny golden car Next to the sand.After we had a SwIm we were collectIng shawls.There were different kind of shawls on the sand.We stayed at the Beach untIl 6.00.When It was 6.00 we went home.When we went home I felt sad Because I wanted to swIm agaIn but It was 6.00.My dad saId we could play outsIde.When It was the Next day we went to the Beach at 4.00, when It was 4.00 everybody woke up and they all got ready to go at the Beach.When we went to the Beach I went to have a swIm In the sea I stand on some rocks.When everybody was swImmIng with Me.when me and My famIly went to swIm we were playIng follow the leader.when we were eatIng. My friend came to MIssIon Bay I was playing Tag with him in the Beach when we were eating after we were eating we played races on the sand My friend won 5 races and I won 5 races.

Describing my scene

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zumbies vs human

After school jarrod and leon decided to go to the pools because it was a hot day.when they were inside the swimming pool havea and davilin came out from nowhere and got eaten from 10 zombies.blood was everywhere and there was blood in the pools too.and i came and saw a lot of zombies in the pools i screamed out loud and ran out of the pools and ran to the police station i said to them there are lots of zombies inside the pools.
The policies got all their guns and called the hellacopters to help them kill the all ZOMBIES!!.