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Food is inside
Playing with matches
FireplaceTitle: Room 7  Co-constructed narrative
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House on fire
Hear sirens going off - firemen are coming
Put the fire out with water hosesImage result for fire house
Smoke is strong
Problem - there might be people inside?!
PS4 is still inside. - valuables
Clothes are inside.
Might be cats or dogs inside

Playing fortnite- little boy poured water on the plug.
Little boy - craig. Blonde hair, 1 metre high, 8 years old, freckles, brown eyes, short curly hair, fortnite t shirt, drinking water, laughed and dropped the cup, or got angry, screamed.

Fire in the house
One sunny beautiful Saturday Craig was playing Fornite with his friend Jack. They had been playing all day long.
Craig was a 8 year old boy with blonde, curly hair and chocolate brown eyes. He was wearing his favourite turquoise Fornite shirt and seafoam pants. Jack was 9 and had jet black hair and bright blue eyes. The two boys were playing Fornite in the lounge at Craig’s house. The lounge looked like a pigs sty, with stinky socks, pizza boxes and mountain dew cans everywhere.
Craig was sooo engrossed in his game. He leapt out of the bus, pressed X and landed on one of the houses. Craigs thumbs and fingers were starting to ache from playing for sooo long without a break. Jack thought a glass of water might wake him up, so he went to get his friend a cool glass of icy water. He was just strolling back into the messy lounge, when he heard Craig scream “OHHH YEAH HEADSHOT!”. It gave Jack such a fright that he dropped the glass of water, and “Oh no!” he screamed, it tipped straight onto the electrical plug. Craig sniffs “sniff sniff”, “I can smell smoke, is the oven on?”. Jack yells “THERE’S A FIRE, HELP!”. Craig finally looks up from his game to see that the PS4 caught on fire! Craig thought to himself “Dang it, I was about to win!”. The two boys rushed outside leaving all their valuables behind.
Jack ran to the neighbours house and asked to borrow Lucy’s phone. “HELP HELP OUR HOUSE IS ON FIRE!”. Craig could hear the sirens of the fire engines getting closer and closer. Jack and Craig tried to comfort each other, but they were panicking so much and couldn’t hear each other over the sirens and blaring smoke alarms. The firetrucks arrived and extinguish the flames in 1 long hour.
The two boys felt depressed. Their game was over, and they didn’t win. And now… their house was destroyed.

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This girl has orange hair she a freng and plats her hair is in the air. She's at the beach with a monkey the monkey has yellow fer and on the girls Shoulders. The girl has big teeth in the front and its white. She’s wearing yellow and white t shirt. Her eyes look like it got punched in the eyes by a boy.  

solar systm

how seasons work


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where the rain comes from

solar system

solar system


He turned back to his face.
For once we all sat down.

Then we went to desks, unpacked our stuff and waited for the bell to ring.

sun information report Labels science,inquiry,writing

Title: sunlight on the earth
Paragraph: what is the sun?
  • Star
  • Does not move
  • Surrounded by 8 planets
  • Part of the solar system
  • Small - big

Paragraph 2: What its made of?
  • 99.87% Hg
  • Core is the hottest part of the sun
  • Its hot
  • Energy

Paragraph 3: What does the sun do?
  • Compass
  • Shadow
  • West
  • Egyptian
  • Sunflowers know where the sun is
  • Total darkness
  • 8 minutes -
  • produces light and warmth

The Sun!
The sun’s scientific name is cole

What is the sun?
The sun is a star that is part of our solar system. The sun sits at the centre of the solar system, it is orbited by 8 planets which rotate at the same time. The sun is the biggest part of our solar system, but it’s small compared to other suns in other systems. The sun does not move because it’s a star.

What is the sun made of?
The sun is made of energy. The sun produces energy, called solar energy which can be used to power homes on Earth. The core is the hottest part of the sun, it is 27 million degrees F*/15 million degrees C*. It’s made of Hydrogen gas which is sometimes known as Hg or hot gas.

What does the sun do?

The Sun gives off light and heat, and we need both to make the Earth a warm, comfortable place to live. It takes 8 minutes for the energy to reach the earth. Plants use light from the Sun for photosynthesis, creating food for animals and oxygen for us to breathe.

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Where does rain come from?

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panrue bridge


After some years the bridge kept on breaking down so they destroyed it and made a better one so they had to raise enough money so they can pay for the bridge . Sometimes it took hours for the swing bridge to open and close because of the tides. Second bridge 1913 it was obvious that that a new bridge would be required they had to use Reinforced concrete and Motor vehicles were displacing horses and a wider bridge was desirable.Finally he cut the ribbon and drove a heavy traction engine across the new bridge to prove the ability of the structure to take heavy loads. On 14th august 1916 however by 1930 serious faults in the new bridge were reported when a large crack across the full width of the bridge at the southern end was discovered,This bridge was demolished in 1959 after the present bridge was opened.

panure bridge

My prior knowledge. It has 3 lanes It’s a highway It goes from panmure to pakuranga A ferry service.1845 to 1850,Heme pepine. Punt boat. He was the adopted son of the mystery. In 1850s The Tamaki River was considered to be one of the busiest waterways in Nz. As early as 1849 union Bridge to link two villages of Howick and panure. Suspension bridge.E 1.000. They had to pay money to cross the Bridge.and it was called a toll. October 1864. They were the longest poles that had ever been used in the province. First Bridge in panure is swing bridge.

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fish and chips

and .Me and my mate had 2 fishes and wee halved the fived fish. For dinner we had fish and cOn sunday morning we were waiting for other people to go Throough the swing bridge.The bridge opened so we went out in the see to Catch some fish.When we got back from fishing we got 5 snaperships.and we went Through The swing Bridge and we had to give money to Williiam Johnson

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